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Why do we have only a national newspaper? That makes it more important that what we read in the newspaper serve a better purpose. Here, we shall have a weekly roundup of the top worthy and unworthy articles

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Today Newspaper - February 2, 2005, Page 4

NUS to offer new double degree

The National University in Singapore (the country's leading institution, according to some) will now offer double degree in Law and Economics. It will be offered to a group of 22 students due to the strict admission criteria.

News worthyness : 2
Rationale : How can a policy change which affects the lives of 22 students, be taking up a half a page of the newspaper?
A look ahead : Does this signify a realisation that law graduates have over-saturated the market and if nothing is to be done, there will be law graduates on the street selling newspapers? Is this a late attempt to broaden the economic marketability of law graduates?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Singapore : Sundaytimes, January 30, 2005

Page 31, Rule No. 1 : Don't call your boss a liar, even if he's one
Synopsis - Craig Bellamy who called his manager of Newcastle (a British premier league football club) a liar, was dismissed from playing and is speculated to be sold soon to some other club. According to Hughes, Bellamy has a history of uncontrolled behaviour on the field, and implied that his weekly wages of about GBP40,000 per week is unjustifiable by his behaviour.

Journalist - Rob Hughes
Age : Looks like 50
Specialization : Football commentary
Frequency : Weekly or more frequent

Mr. Hughes is a man with a wisdom and a mission. His wisdom allows him to analyze football related stories. His mission, it seems with all his comments so far is to tell "the behind stories of professional footballers." So far, he has spoken very often on how ill-disciplined, overly paid professional footballers are spoiling the game.

Professional footballers are paid to play football. Because football is a globally followed and most popular game, Mr. Hughes seems to think that footballers have higher standards to set - for the rest of us. Mr Hughes has also rant frequently about their disproportionate wages, with the rest of us.

Worthiness index : 9, if Mr. Hughes also includes the higher standards that should be set by other groups of the population like politicians, businessman, teachers, doctors, farmers......etc.... and journalists who can delve on more serious issues, not only on how individuals should behave.

Freedom Fighter index : 10, the intensity of Mr. Hughes weekly rants more than enough to put it in the same category of Nelson Mandela, however he can choose issues more relevant than how footballers should behave.

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sunday Times, January 23, Page 14

Macau police shoot man attempting to rob couple outside casino
Worthyness Index - 0
Scoop - Countless shooting happens each day around the world. Why does this news, occupies a space of almost 36 square inch? Furthermore, no one was killed, and no money was taken?

Editorial insights - Could it be an attempt to portray the danger around a casino?